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Things to do

A beautiful village where the original scenery of Japan remains"Nishimera Village”

“A village where 1,000 people laugh” We hope that many of our customers will be able to spend their time here in Nishimera Village with smiles on their faces.

You can enjoy the nature of Nishimera by playing in the river, fishing, climbing and trekking in the three Mera mountains (Mt. Ichifusa, Mt. Ishido, Mt. Tenpo).
We also offer various workshops (experiences), so please feel free to contact us.

List of ways to spend your time

Feel the blessings of nature that cannot be seen in everyday life and enjoy a relaxing time for both mind and body.
Being one with nature and not thinking about anything may be the best way to heal.
  • Nature

    • Expanding nature

      Surrounded by expansive nature,
      The crystal clear river flow and clear air will relax your mind.
      Surrender yourself to the slow flow of time and heal your daily fatigue.
      Please spend a luxurious time that can only be experienced here.
  • Facility

    • Ogawa Sakugoya Village

      This restaurant is notable for its thatched roof.
      You can enjoy the taste of Ogawa using locally sourced ingredients.
      We also sell pickles and agricultural products made by local people.
      The Sakugoya is open to the public as a free resting place for those who come to the Ogawa area.
    • Kikuchi Memorial Museum

      This is the place where Takeo Kikuchi, the grandson of the last feudal lord, Noritada Kikuchi, who distributed all his territory to the villagers during the land ownership, spent the rest of his life.
      On December 1st, the anniversary of Prince Takeo's death, a graveside festival is held.
    • Nishimera Onsen Yutato

      The most recommended thing about Nishimera Onsen is the quality of its hot springs.
      The mellow hot water that soaks into your skin is said to be a beauty hot spring (sodium bicarbonate hot spring) that will leave your skin smooth.
      The large baths include ``Kawa no Yu'' with an open-air rock bath, ``Hinoyu'' with an open-air cypress bath, and an open-air rock bath that can be reserved as a small bath. There is a family bath called ``Nagomi no Yu.''
      The indoor baths in each of the large public baths have cypress walls depicting the mountains of Nishimera, creating a relaxing space surrounded by a refreshing scent, and all bathrooms are also equipped with saunas.
      In the open-air bath, you can experience nature with all five senses, including the fresh air of the surrounding forest, the chirping of birds, the sound of insects, the sunlight, and the beauty of the moon and stars.
    • Hyakkaya

      With the catchphrase ``Let's do our best until we're 100 years old'', various products (``Hyakusai'') made by local producers are on sale, and the aunties provide meals.
      "Shiitake Nanban" made with thick shiitake mushrooms from the ground is exquisite!
  • Activities


      A river rafting experience where you can enjoy the blessings of spring water from the Kyushu mountains and the clear flow of the river. "STELLA SPORTS DUCKY”
      Located in Nishimera Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, a village with a population of approximately 1,000 people, enjoy the experience of floating on highly transparent water.

      A four-wheel buggy activity surrounded by rich nature. "STELLA SPORTS BUGGY”
      Located in Nishimera Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, a village with a population of approximately 1,000 people, enjoy motor activities in the magnificent natural surroundings of the Kyushu Mountains.