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Satisfying deliciousness that starts with the ingredients

Passionate cooking by a private chef

This facility provides meals prepared by a private chef.
The owner chef of this facility, who trained at a famous hotel group, has a strong passion for cooking.
Through rigorous training at a first-class hotel, I have acquired high technical skills and a passion for quality.
My passion for cooking lies first in the ingredients.
We take great care in selecting and sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients.
We use seasonal and regional ingredients to serve dishes that bring out the flavors of the season.
I also have a passion for cooking methods and seasoning.
We have mastered the basic cooking techniques and carefully prepare each item by hand during the cooking process.
We have our own secrets for seasoning, and we strive to bring out the original flavor of the ingredients.

Restaurant/dish details

You can enjoy luxurious seasonal dishes using local game from Nishimera and ingredients from From Miyazaki Prefecture.

*We offer seasonal items.The contents of the dishes vary depending on the season.
*If you have any allergies or ingredients you don't like, please feel free to let us know in advance.
  • dining room

    The dining room is a private space with a luxurious design that creates a high-quality space.
    Spend an elegant moment with your loved ones on your special day.
    • About the chef
      French cuisine at Hiramatsu Restaurant,
      Learn teppanyaki cooking at "Sekaie" in Atami,
      I also have experience in France.
      In order to provide food that pleases our customers,
      I'm always experimenting with new ideas and trial and error.
      In addition, we sincerely respond to customer requests,
      We strive to provide dishes that suit each person.
  • Dinner

    Dishes that use seasonal ingredients and make the most of the ingredients are a luxury.
    The dishes, prepared with carefully selected ingredients by top chefs, look beautiful and give you a luxurious feeling.
    Please enjoy the deliciousness that will take your breath away while feeling the season in a dish with a rich flavor.
  • Breakfast

    Wake up bright and enjoy a relaxing breakfast.
    Enjoying breakfast in a space surrounded by nature is a luxurious time to refresh both body and mind.
    Dishes made with seasonal ingredients are both beautiful to the eye and exceptional in taste.
  • Lunch

    Enjoy delicious cuisine made with seasonal ingredients in a relaxing space.
    The dishes are made with carefully selected ingredients and are beautiful to look at, giving you a sense of the season.
    Please relax in a stylish space and enjoy a delicious lunch time.

    *Limited to consecutive guests and lunch-only guests (not staying overnight).
    • Lunch information

      Business hours
      <Start time> 11:30 to 12:00
      *This information is for 1 group (maximum of 4 people).
      *The meal will be served as course meal and will take 2 hours from the start.